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A CFD method was developed and applied for the simulation of oil flow in a multiple rotating spur-gear system. This method offers a convenient and efficient way to study different oil filling levels in a gearbox with respect to their influence on oil flow and on the volume fraction of oil on gear flanks.
NVM offers the promise of providing persistent memory close to the CPU that is fast, large and cost-effective. Making the rounds for a long time (since 2008 and counting), this proclamation is adding confusion about the characteristics of the technology. For example, if we consider Resistive RAM (RRAM) [...]
A solar telescope-specific problem is the heat generated by the tightly-focused sunlight. Unlike most ground-based telescopes, used at nighttime to capture a small number of photons from distant astronomical bodies, the DKIST will spend its working life pointed directly at the Sun, absorbing large quantities of focused light and heat energy.
On the agenda: • Growing from a local to a leadership supercomputing center: the history • TACC's Big Data ambition • Lessons learned from Stampede's Xeon Phi architecture • A vision of the next scale machines...
A "Supercomputer of supercomputers"...

With the advent of high speed internet (100 Gbps) - the first transatlantic link of this kind, ANA100, was installed last year and five or six more are expected before the end of 2014 - it just may be [...]

OCCIGEN: +2.1 Pflops in France

CINES (Centre Informatique National de l'Enseignement Supérieur, in Montpellier) will be the location for the new Bull supercomputer which GENCI has just acquired. Poetically named OCCIGEN, it should be deployed in September and put into production at the beginning [...]

CS + CRAY, a new major player in European HPC

CS, a designer and integrator of critical systems for security and defense, space, aeronautics and energy, announced they just signed a partnership agreement with Cray. Both commercially and technologically, this alliance extends Cray's reach into the French market while [...]

CAPS, the end

After more than twelve highly productive years, the French publisher of one of the two OpenACC compilers on the market - some of you also know them as experts in parallel codes optimization - has thrown in the towel. [...]

Intel unveils Knight's Landing a bit more

Although it can be used independently, that is, in native and non-accelerator mode, Xeon Phi's memory dotation is too small to stand a full 61-core workload. That being said, on the road to exascale, compute power is not the [...]

Inside the magazine...

(Wire)  2015 Pennsylvania State Budget Includes $500,000 for the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
(Wire)  Registration Opens for ISC Cloud and ISC Big Data Conferences
(Wire)  Cray Awarded $174 Million Supercomputer Contract From The National Nuclear Security Administration
(Wire)  Latest SysFera management software streamlines HPC administration, boosts productivity
(Wire)  Bull and Sinequa join forces to offer real-time Big Data processing appliance
(Wire)  International Supercomputing Conference Moves to Frankfurt, Germany in 2015
(Wire)  To Spread Tianhe-2 Worldwide, I2I Program Grandly Announced
(Wire)  SoftIron Announces World’s 1st Prod. 64-bit ARM-Based Enterprise Server Motherboard Using X-Gene Technology
(Wire)  CD-adapco Customers to See Productivity Gains with STAR-CCM+ v9.04
(Wire)  Bull and Xyratex announce reseller partner agreement and major design win at DKRZ
(Wire)  UberCloud Announces Technical Computing Marketplace and Appstore
(Wire)  Cray Launches Tiered Storage For Lustre
(Wire)  New AMD Professional Graphics Card Delivers GPU Compute Power For Future-Ready 4K Workstation Workflows and Personal Supercomputing
(Wire)  Intel Re-architects the Fundamental Building Block for High-Performance Computing
(Wire)  Cray Joins Openstack Foundation
(Wire)  Adaptive Computing and Bright Computing Deepen Product Integration to Enhance Provisioning and Workflow Optimization in Technical Computing Environments
(Wire)  Bull and the National Center for Genome Analysis in Barcelona speed up gene sequencing
(Wire)  The New A-Class Supercomputer System from T-Platforms
(Wire)  RSC at ISC’14: RSC announced the new world records of computing and power density delivered by the RSC PetaStream solution and demonstrated results of several scientific application runs on the system. RSC outlines the new approach to form solution-driven configurations of RSC Tornado based clusters
(Wire)  Neurological Simulation Milestone Reached After UCL Embraces Allinea's Tools On UK's Largest Supercomputer
(Wire)  CD-adapco Partnering to Set New Standards in HPC Solutions for its Customers
(News)  Leading European research organizations to coordinate the development of the HPC technology value chain in Europe
(News)  PRACE elects new Council Chair and Vice-Chair
(Wire)  Worldwide High Performance Computing 2013 Total Market Model and 2014–18 Forecast
(Wire)  HPC500 Member Call Discusses IBM/Lenovo Deal
(Wire)  Latest Research Validates Quantum Entanglement in D-Wave Systems
(News)  Intel extends OpenCL to all of its platforms
(Wire)  NVIDIA Launches the GeForce GTX TITAN Z
(Wire)  EPCC Joins Ranks of World’S Elite INTEL Parallel Computing Centers
(Wire)  CD-adapco Integrates STAR-CCM+ and SPEED to Provide Motor Design Engineers with an End-to-End Solution
(News)  Fairest weather at Bull
(News)  Neurogrid: a circuit board to simulate the brain
(Wire)  PACA Investment, the co-investment fund created by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, with financial support from the EU (Feder), Nestadio Capital, Kima Ventures (the investment fund of Xavier Niel) and BA06/FCPR06 invest 800 K€ in ActiveEon, company based in Sophia Antipolis (06) in order to support its business development in France and abroad.
(News)  AMD to unify ARM and x86
(Wire)  The University of Tsukuba In Japan Puts Additional Cray CS300 Cluster Supercomputer Into Production
(News)  Competitive call for HPC- & Cloud-based Application Experiments for the Fortissimo project
(News)  Better than graphene!
(News)  Teratec 2014: the sessions and workshops program
(News)  NVLink will be available to OpenPower consortium members
(News)  A blender to extend Moore's Law
(News)  NVIDIA Jetson TK1 available in Europe
(News)  HP's HPC Moonshot is on its way
AMD FirePro S10000
Cray CS300
The Supercomputing 2014 Conference